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The Loved&Lost project is designed to help you engage with your loss, regardless of what it looks like. The imagery allows for expression beyond what we can speak of and I hope it can be an experience that contributes to the restorative process in overcoming the painful impact of loss. Having experienced loss myself, I began this project to help others approach their grief and use photography to respond to how we are feeling. The stories on the project site have been made by myself with willing participants. I currently have a series of new stories that I will be beginning work on soon. Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to work with everyone who wants to take part in the project, however, you are very welcome to follow the participation guide in order to take part along with family and friends. You can then submit your story, which will be featured on the Loved&Lost blog and social media. To take part, simply fill in the form below.

Participation Guide - To start with, use the form below to let me know that you’d like to participate, I’ll then be able to guide you through the process, but here’s a guide to the process of taking part:

  • Find a photograph of yourself with a lost loved one.

  • Ask a family member or friend if they will go with you to return to the location of the original photograph.

  • Replicate the original photograph with your camera or phone. You can also take other photographs of the location and of each other.

  • Once you’ve taken the photographs, find somewhere to sit and talk together (preferably warm with your favourite drink in hand), and give yourselves time to talk, about the day and about the person who is no longer with you.

  • Take your time, it is a chance to think back and remember, for you to tell your favourite stories of the person that you have have lost and dedicate some space to remembering how special they were.

  • You can then let me know how you got on, send me photos and a couple or paragraphs about your experience.

  • With your permission, I will then share your photos and words on the Loved&Lost blog and social media accounts. You will have a chance to review this before it is made public.

If you would like to take part, you can simply use form below to get in touch to start the process and I’ll send you a participation pack, including a complete guide of how to take part and some starter questions for your conversation. If you have any questions about participating, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you change your mind, don’t feel up to it, or it takes a long time to arrange, that’s fine, it’s important that you take your time and go when it feels right. My hope is that the process will bring back happy memories and the experience of returning to a special place will be comforting and positive. It’s also good to talk, and this is a way to make space to share with those closest to you.

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"I hope others can see it as a conversation starter or a forum to talk about things that people don't want to talk about, because actually, if we talked about it, it might be easier to cope with afterwards." - Will