Bek shares her story of losing her dad, re-staging a photograph in a hotel in Scarborough, how they'd build forts together using his dialysis boxes, how music has helped her cope with her loss and how proud her dad was of her being a child actor.

"I find, the only thing that gives me comfort is listening to music, cos we both really loved music. Bands like Hall&Oates, Go West and Hue&Cry, who aren't that well known, but to us, I can just hear a song and it'll bring back so many memories and I love that. I'll always have that, I'll always have the music." 


Effie revisits Whitesands Bay, near St. Davids in Pembrokeshire, Wales to re-stage an old photograph of herself with her dad, taken many years previous outside the cottage they visited each year for their family holiday.  

"There's something about going back to a place and reconnecting that helps you to reconnect to a memory or a person, grounding yourself in a place, that helps I think. It helps to get back in touch with a person, and memories. It's lovely to be back."


Emma returns to Stratford-Upon-Avon to re-stage a photograph taken with her wife Claire, 3 weeks into their relationship. Emma shares stories from their time together, how Claire faced cancer and discusses how writing to Claire has helped her understand her grief.

"I think it's being wholly known by someone, that's actually what love is about, being wholly known, and I think she did that in just a really generous way."


Series 1 of the Loved&Lost Podcast features five stories from the project. Introduced by the project creator, Simon, each episode features an interview with a participant from the project, allowing them to share their story, memories of the person that they have lost and what it was like to return to the location to re-stage the photograph.

Series 1 is out now across all major podcast services.


Paul returns to his childhood home in South West London to re-stage a photograph of himself as a baby in his father's arms, the only photograph he has of him and his dad. Paul share's stories of how he lost his dad and how that has shaped who he is today. 

'I found it really precious to be there, to stand in the same place that my father stood holding me. It was just something I've always wanted to do and to go into the house itself and be part of it was just like coming home in a way. It was so evocative, as I said with the music and the smells of home cooking. It felt a very safe place to be in, even though it's not my house anymore."


Will returns to Malmesbury Abbey to re-stage a photograph taken of him with his dad. He shares his journey with loss, including how he discovered that his dad had passed away and offers some of his story on how to overcome the pain of loss.

"I had a call from his number, but on the end of the phone was somebody who was just absolutely hysterical, completely losing it, somebody in shock, couldn't breathe, couldn't talk very well and they just kept saying, "He's dead, he's dead". I knew it wasn't my dad because it wasn't his voice, but I needed to know what was going on, so I asked the person on the phone to pass me onto someone else and they passed me onto a paramedic who said, "Are you the next of kin", and I didn't really know what to think."