If you would like to respond in any way, to find out more about the project, to share your story or to participate in the project, please use the form below. Please also feel free to share the project with family and friends, via email or social media. The participants have shared their experiences in the hope that they may offer support and solace to others, and are therefore happy for their stories to be shared publicly.

Thanks, Simon.

"I hope others can see it as a conversation starter or a forum to talk about things that people don't want to talk about, because actually, if we talked about it, it might be easier to cope with afterwards." - Will

"It was a good intentional way of reflecting, which is really healthy. It’s important to take time to think about him, but when do you do that?" - James

“It was nice to remember those times, it's almost like honouring him in a way" - Liz

"I've revisited lots of places that we'd been to and you think, is it going to be hard or is good to recreate the memories, but if you do feel strong enough to go back to a place that you've been before and remembering good and happy times, it's a positive thing." - Anne


For contact details for charities and groups that will be able to point you in the direction of support through your bereavement, please check the bottom of the Loved&Lost Home page.


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Loved&Lost is currently run by me, Simon.

As a documentary photographer, it has and will never be my expectation to make a profit from creating the project, however, as Loved&Lost grows, it requires more of my time and resources in order to travel to meet participants, capture their story and present it for the website. My intention has always been that Loved&Lost would be a positive and restorative experience for the participants, a means for them to talk about their loss and celebrate the person who is no longer with them. My hope is that the project acts as a point of support and solace for those who have experienced loss and to encourage conversation, to allow us all greater license to talk about grief and remove the social taboo that it's not something that should be spoken about. Each story, taking into account the travelling, time with each participant, the editing of the images, audio and typing out of the interviews requires around 2-3 days work, which I currently cover using my own resources.

In order to maintain the ongoing nature of the project, I'm asking for donations to enable me to continue telling stories and saying yes to each person who approaches me about taking part. Any contribution, large or small will be gratefully received.

100% of your donation will go towards the continuation of the Loved&Lost Project, allowing future participants to take part and share their stories.

£3-£10 will allow me to buy the participant lunch and a cup of coffee when we meet.

£25 will cover my travelling costs to reach participants who live within 100 miles of where I am based.

£50 will cover my travelling costs to reach participants who live within 200 miles of where I am based.

£100 will cover my travelling costs and contribute towards the time I spend working on one story.



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