Rachel & Grandma


This is Grandma Eva, the sweetest and kindest woman - ever.

She was very much the homemaker and a great cook. Her Cornish pasties were legendary along with mashed potatoes - mash always came with lots of butter - the ultimate treat having lived through rationing times. To me, she was the storybook grandma; so bedtime meant a bath, then time by the fire and a bedtime story. These stories were the best, as she often sung them. Her favourite, and now mine, was Christopher Robin.

When I look at this photo of her, I see two things. I see the face of my son Christian and I can picture how happy she was when I told her I was pregnant; it was a smile that lasted for hours.


I can’t get back to where the original photo was taken, so I chose to have this photograph taken by the ‘Forget-me-nots’ here at St. John’s Hospice. Her garden was full of ‘Forget-me-nots’ and I loved playing in them as a child. It was emotional to have this photograph taken, but important and I like that in this photo I am next to nature, because Grandma Eva taught me all about seeds, flowers and respecting nature. I’ve stopped being angry that she is dead, but I haven’t stopped loving her.